Your Home, Your Roof….

Your Home Needs Protection From One of It’s Biggest Threats – MOTHER NATURE and HAIL DAMAGE

When was the last time you had a forensic inspection done on your roof? Huh?  What’s forensic roof inspection, you might ask yourself?  Well, a forensic roof inspection is a specific type of inspection that involves inspecting your roof specifically for signs of damage, and gathering evidence to prove that damage actually exists.

Roof Inspection - Hail Damage Report

A Forensic Roof Inspection

Often, this damage could be as a direct result of a severe recent weather event in your area.  Unusually strong gusts of wind, violent storms, and especially Hail can be sources of damage to your roofing system that may require an inspection to protect your home.

At the very least, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected after any severe weather event in your home’s area.  If there is an event, and you fail to have it inspected, and make a claim if the damage is related to a covered policy, you may LOSE your right to have the property repaired under your policy coverage.

There is a very specific test done to determine if there is damage to your roof by a recent weather event, and the test involves a qualified roofing company or inspection company actually getting on your roof and gathering evidence to support your claim.

Most inspection companies charge several hundred dollars to send a specialist to your home to make an inspection and prepare a written report of their findings.  The report may assist you in filing a claim with your insurance company if there is any damage found and it is weather related.  You can search the Federal Government’s National Storm Events Database to see if there was a storm event in your area which may have impacted your roof adversely by using the government website HERE.

Homeowners frequently delay or neglect altogether calling for a roof inspection because they do not believe there was enough damage, or the weather event didn’t last long enough to do any damage. Often, a storm event lasting just minutes can be enough to cause severe damage to your roof because during the short time, your roof is hit with the equivalent of ‘machine gun fire’ from ice pellets originating very high up in the atmosphere when they drop down, they can chip away for impact your asphalt or other roofing surface.  As seen in the photo, a very small area can be bombarded with hail causing a great deal of damage in a very small amount of time if not addressed in a timely manner. One tiny section of roofing material whose protective barrier that has been comprised by the hail seen in the photo is enough to allow rain, or other moisture to seep below the protective roof, and into your home causing further damage and potential health problems from mold or other moisture accumulation events.

Hail From A Recent Storm

Hail From A Recent Storm

If your insurance company won’t honor your claim for your roof repair, our LOANSMART® Roof Financing Program allows for your home to receive a new replacement, at little to no out of pocket cost to you depending on your individual credit, capacity to repay and home condition.  We will pay for the roof repairs, and you make small affordable  monthly payments.

If you would like more information about the

LOANSMART® Roof Financing Program,

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After inspection, you can have a new roof on your home in as little as 7 days.  For a limited time only, in certain circumstances all costs for your roof inspection, and replacement may be waived.  Ask for more details when you call.

Roof Replacement After Storm Damage

Roof Replacement After Storm Damage

Don’t wait to have your roof inspected, and repairs done.  Don’t assume there is no damage.  Be on the safe side.  Often, if there is any damage, the repairs can be completed quickly, and affordably.  If the damage is to wide spread, then a roof replacement can be done with a 30 year warranty, often matching the exact amount of time left on your home mortgage.

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