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Our Advantage

No two people are the same.

No two people have the same credit, the same amount of savings, the same job, and want to buy the same house. Or obtain the same loan to start or grow their business.

We believe every home purchase, refinance, or equity-debt restructure is different. We believe every business owner's financing needs are different. And every potential borrower should be evaluated uniquely. We are experts at accurately assessing your strengths, identifying your weaknesses, and structuring a loan using our own funds that best suits your needs.

Since our beginning, we've specialized in helping our clients when other companies can't or won't help them achieve their home ownership or business financing goals. Our unique LOANSMART® brand embodies a proven suite of techniques to craft a financial plan and equity building mortgage product suited just for you.

Take the LOANSMART® challenge TODAY!

Our Loans

Date: Sept 2016

Client: Sandra L.

If you are looking to purchase your first home, or to upgrade to a larger home, our LOANSMART® Purchase Mortgage Products can help you! We have helped many clients achieve their dreams of home ownership. We've also helped savvy clients with complex 1031 exchange transactions. For example, one client was retiring, and their large but empty home no longer best served their needs. We structured a simultaneous close, selling their primary home while downsizing them into a smaller primary, and a vacation property closing all deals within 24 hours of each other. We helped maximize their capital gains, lower their tax liability, and take advantage of a down real estate market to acquire two properties for less than half of what they had invested in their original primary residence. That's a example of the LOANSMART® advantage.

Date: Completed May 1, 2015

Client: James S.

Building A Home? Our LOANSMART®Construction to Permanent financing program can help you get your project off the ground and go from design to completion in months, not years!

Date: January 2017

Client: Beth W.

Sometimes selling your home isn't the best move. If you're happy where you live, but feel your present home needs an upgrade, we can help. Our LOANSMART® Home Remodeling Financing Programs can help you get that Dream Kitchen, a Brand New Roof, Deck, or Windows and Siding.

Date: June 2015

Client: Doug L.

If you need a new roof or have had recent damage recently, the smart move is to take action. Don't place your family and what may be your single largest investment in jeopardy by failing to act! Don't let a tight budget hinder you from preserving your home's value and keeping your home and priceless possessions dry. We can help with LOANSMART® Roof Financing with our 2nd Mortgage, or direct financing programs. Make one call, and have a new roof in 7 days! Get your new roof with low affordable monthly payments courtesy of LOANSMART®.

Date: June 2013

Client: Dale E.

There are a number of reasons LOANSMART® Home Siding Financing might be the smart move for you. If you own a home and want to beautify it, or perhaps you own an investment property and want to enhance it's curb appeal before you flip it. Our LOANSMART® Home Siding Financing could be a smart move for you.

There are a number of reasons a LOANSMART® Small Business Loan with SBA Financing might be the smart move for you. If you are thinking of starting a business, already own a small business, or you are thinking of purchasing an existing franchise with a proven success record - our LOANSMART® team can help. We can help provide you with funds for working capital, equipment purchases, a loan to purchase real estate, or other eligible purpose.

You've got plans, and ideas. We've got the financing to help make them a reality!

Our Clients


  • July 2007 - LOANSMART® helped me get back on my feet by successfully completing a short sale financing loan with a new buyer, after our household went from two incomes to one.

    Jenny J.
  • August 2007 - I felt like giving up when everyone else turned me down for a refinance loan because of a judgement I had on my credit. The folks at LOANSMART® were able to refinance me, and lower my monthly debt payments. I got my life back after drowning in runaway debt for years. Thanks Guys!

    Ruben J.
  • August 2009 - I needed $450,000 to fund my business startup idea. LOANSMART® closed my loan in two weeks using the equity in my home and a combined line of credit for the business!

    Russell M.
  • May 2010 - I was STUNNED when LOANSMART® showed me their rate sheet and compared theirs to several other banks. Little did I know that the rebate was so huge, and I saved THOUSANDS of dollars because of you guys. Thanks!

    James M.
  • March 2016 - LOANSMART® got me pre-approved for a mortgage loan to buy a house in less than 24 hours. I had already been shopping for houses with my realtor and submitted an offer with another lender finally decided to call me back.

    Jeremy H.
  • January 1998 - I needed to act fast to close on another property using a 1031 exchange and I had a limited amount of time to get the deal done or face some stiff tax penalties. Thank you LOANSMART®!

    Craig P.
  • June 2012 - LOANSMART® helped me get my condo debt free, and cleared of all mortgages and liens after years of complicated wrangling with lawyers in an estate settlement. They succeeded where others just talked. I have my life back. Thank You Guys!

    Sam V.
  • March 2006 - I wanted to purchase a Sporting Goods Franchise and the LOANSMART® team came through for me with a commercial loan allowing me to buy the franchise, handle construction, and provide working capital. We closed on time, and with no surprises.

    Russell M.


We are a full service Mortgage Lender and advisor. Our LOANSMART brands of mortgage products and services can meet both your commercial and residential needs. Good News for First-Time Homebuyers! We lend money using our own funds, and are committed to helping low income, and first time home buyers, as well as 'difficult to fund' borrowers.

We also service our own loans. We do not sell our servicing rights, nor do we sell your information.

The History of LOANSMART®

The trademark LOANSMART® was created when a client who was shopping for a loan to purchase a vacation home, asked for written scenarios with options detailing if it would be better for him if he bought a home with a higher interest rate instead of always going for the lowest rate, choosing a loan with a balloon payment, placing a larger versus a smaller down payment, or if using his retirement funds would yield the best results. There was an early withdrawal penalty for this client, which he was considering might be worth it if he used his funds to take advantage of a great purchase opportunity. LOANSMART® gave him answers.

The LOANSMART®brand is licensed to those pre-qualified professionals who meet our strict guidelines and standards. In 1998, we were the first mortgage company to insist on formal education long before mandatory education and nationwide testing became the standard.

The LOANSMART® brand distinguishes methods from other loan companies to show how various options can have a wide range of impacts on a borrowers' financial goals. With the LOANSMART® brand, an unusual amount of time is invested with a borrower to educate them about their mortgage options rather that the rush to close a loan. Although LOANSMART® branded mortgages can close in as little as 10 days, our LOANSMART® brand is used as a way to attract clients who want to place an emphasis on informed or highly educated decisions rather than a rush to close, as is the industry norm.

For example: Discerning clients want to know what advantages if any would can be realized keeping a larger, primary residence, and continuing to pay the mortgage, or would it be best to cash in their retirement account and just pay off the mortgage. A genuine authorized LOANSMART® agent can answer these and other questions as well as provide valuable insights you might not have otherwise considered.

LOANSMART® branded methods, and processes are used to better educate borrowers during the loan process.

The LOANSMART® brand is licensed to other committed mortgage professionals who have shown they are focused on education of clients and making them smarter about the largest financial decision of their lives - their mortgage and a decision to finance the purchase of a home, a commercial property or other sophisticated loan transaction.

There are many Unique Selling Propositions exclusive to the LOANSMART® brand when considering a genuine authorized LOANSMART® professional over other lenders. For example - The typical LOANSMART® client spends at least 20 - 30 hours of hands-on, one-on-one time with a LOANSMART® mortgage professional, compared to 1 - 2 hours total time with other lending institutions.

A genuine LOANSMART® authorized representative always puts clients first, over profits. This is referred to in the industry as the 'fiduciary standard'. Are you about to make the most important financial decision of your life, without making sure that the person you are entrusting all your private information, and details to is fully committed to the 'fiduciary standard?'.

Make sure you ask any representative you are trusting to handle your mortgage needs if they have committed to the 'fiduciary standard' and putting your needs first.
Ask them to explain how this decision impacts your family's future. This is the LOANSMART® standard.

Our Team

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